Friday, October 30, 2009

YA new releases for 2009 Part Two

Today I am back with more exciting new releases for 2009 by New Zealand Authors.

End of the Alphabet by Fleur Beale

Ruby Yarrow is 14 and she's a good girl who helps out alot around the house with cooking and looking after the little ones. Ruby's best friend Tia tells her to stop being a doormat which gets Ruby thinking. How do you stop being a doormat and start standing up for yourself? Ruby can't even get her own bedroom, so why does she think she could get accepted for a school trip to Brazil? But Tia has made her start thinking and things will never be the same again for Ruby or her family.

Tribal Ash by Vincent Ford

Having survived the warring tribe of the North, Trei makes his way back home, leaving his twin sister Souk with the Northmen. After struggling through snowy mountains, he is taken in and looked after for a time by the sea people, before he heads off again on his journey to find his own tribe, the People of the Canyons.

About Griffen's Heart by Tina Shaw

James Griffen is sixteen, with a bad heart and on the hospital waiting list for a valve replacement. He's also considered a nerd at school. Then he falls for the hottest chick at school, Roxy, who unlike James is cool, streetwise and angry. James is loyal in his affections and in spite of the thrashing his heart gets in the pursuit, he and Roxy form an odd bond, and James is the one who hangs in there when things get nasty.

Plague of the Undead by Gary Cross

When Lucius is ten years old his father returns home one evening as a vampire and destroys his entire family. By luck Lucius is spared. Fifteen years later Lucius has joined the elite group of vampire hunters who saved his life that night. Now it's his turn to lead the hunt, this time on the trail of a master vampire, who has survived hundreds of years and is intent on turning the world into a vampire race. Through Paris and the wilds of Europe Lucius tracks his quarry, eventually running him to ground in the plague infested streets of London. But this is no ordinary vampire will Lucius survive or will he too enter the realm of the undead?

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  1. I love the cover for "End of the Alphabet." I will have to keep an eye out for it!


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