Friday, October 23, 2009

With Lots of Love From Georgia by Brigid Lowry

With Lots of Love From Georgia by Brigid Lowry
Published: Crows Nest : Allen & Unwin, 2005

My name is Georgia. I live in a town called Anywhere that has too many shopping malls and not enough skate parks. I like to think of myself as a brilliant creative person, but sometimes I just feel like a sad lonely girl with a big bum.

Things I Want

a magic bicycle

Two tickets to Natural Affinity

A Vietnamese blue silk eiderdown

To see a ghost

Eva to shift to another planet

A cyborg to clean my room

Purple tulips


Welcome to the world of Georgia, Philosopher Queen and list-maker extraordinaire, as she writes her way through a bumpy year that includes part-time jobs, tricky mother stuff and a boy with a delicious smile.

A book written in diary form about a girl called Georgia??? No way! Somehow I swear I have heard of something like this before. I would say actually thats as far as it goes for similarities but they are both funny too. But then in the end they are actually completely different.

So Georgia is actually an interesting person. She has a very eventful life and luckily we get to know all about and it is actually pretty good. I myself write a lot of lists too and so I find Georgia to be an incredibly relatable character.

This book is actually really short and it's very interesting and exciting and so I basically just sat down and read this book in one setting. It's definitely a good read.

I first saw this book on a poster of finalists for the New Zealand Post book awards and so I picked it up and read it and the good news is it actually won the award for 2006. Which just goes to show how good of a book it is.

I have to say there is a little bit of a surprise in this book. Which is a really interesting one and when it happens you can actually see that yes all the signs were there. I don't know if anyone else was expecting it but I wasn't.

Overall, Brigid Lowry does a fantastic and absolutely splendid job of writing about Georgia. This book is a really light read and I think it would best be suited for a holiday read.

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