Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Watermark by Penelope Todd

Watermark by Penelope Todd
Published: Dunedin : Longacre Press, 2003
Series: Book 1, Watermark Trilogy

18-year-old city girl, Zillah, abandons her safe summer holiday plans, and takes the train to the wild West Coast in response to a mysterious letter. Her destination: an empty shack on a dangerous tidal river. Here she meets the authors of the letter, Joss and Hep,a brother and sister who seem to belong to another more primitive world. Together, they wield a power over Zillah that she barely understands.

I quite enjoyed reading Watermark it was quite different to most books that I've ever read before. It has more of a psychological, philosophical and symbolic approach.

The characters are all really interesting. I found Zillah to be an interesting person as she searched for who she was as a person. Joss and Hep confused me a little at times. I felt that they were overly mysterious and I have a few questions about them. I'm hoping by the end of the trilogy the questions will be answered.

The story line is a good one. There is a tiny element of mystery in there which I really liked because I do love mystery.

Now, I would like to talk about the setting of the book. Because it is a great setting. Watermark is set out in the country, in nature. It sets the whole mood of the book as peaceful, calm and quiet.
I really really love it.

There's not a lot more I can think of to say about Watermark because it actually is pretty hard to describe. Penelope Todd did a really good job of writing a unique and fantastic story. The descriptions are amazing and when reading Watermark I could really imagine the scenery in my head.

So definitely check out the Watermark Trilogy if you ever come across it. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone keen on books about self-discovery journeys and I would also say that this book has some really neat descriptions of what New Zealand is like in the wild.

The other two books in the trilogy are Dark and Zillah.

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  1. This sounds like an intriguing read, and mysterious too. I like that!


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