Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Tiggie Thompson Show by Tessa Duder

The Tiggie Thompson Show by Tessa Duder
Published: Auckland : Puffin Books, 1999
Series: Book 1, Tiggie Tompson Trilogy

Set in Auckland during the 1990's, Tiggie Tompson is a teenage girl struggling to come to terms with herself. Tiggie thinks she's dumpy, plain and talentless, she knows that her parents and teachers think she's a loser and at school she's the butt of jokes. To make it worse her mother is a glamorous television journalist, with a famous face. At her new liberal school all she wants is to continue leading a quiet life. However, things don't turn out quite as she planned, Tiggie Tompson is about to be discovered.

I really enjoyed reading The Tiggie Tompson Show. It's not really like anything I've ever read before to be honest. Basically, it's a really good book about a girl named Tiggie who becomes an actress in a tv show.

I like Tiggie because she is a really nice and down-to-earth person. I feel bad for her because she had some quite bad self-esteem issues but it was really good to see her finding herself towards the end of the book.

While this book seems like a really light read it's more serious than that. The Tiggie Tompson Show deals with a couple of teen issues.

Overall, The Tiggie Tompson Show is a really good beginning to a great trilogy. If you're interested in books about tv shows or about 'teen issues' such as weight etc. then The Tiggie Tompson show is definitely your kind of book.

The other two books are Tiggie Tompson All At Sea and Tiggie Tompson's Longest Journey.


  1. ummmmm..this is keke from wellington and im doing a research for english about you and i was just wondering if you can help mee with some quentions that i need some answers too... please...can i ask you on here if thats alright with you.

  2. ohhh and sorry that ididnt sy anything about your book, but honestly i havent really read most of your books but tiggie thomason is a very interesting book......


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