Friday, October 2, 2009

Talking to Blue by Ken Catran

Talking to Blue by Ken Catran

Published: Lothian, 2000

Series: Book 1, Blue Trilogy

"It all begins on Monday with another murder. It begins for me, that is. I became involved from then on. Although more true to say I was sucked in. But Monday is where it starts so that's where I will. Because it led to the other killings and what happened with Blue".

Talking to Blue is one of my most favourite books by a New Zealand author. I have read this book about three times or so.

The whole idea of a serial killer ringing me up on the cell phone is a really creepy one. When I first read what the book was about I was really excited and thought this would be a great read and I was right.

The characters are all really good and well-formed. I really like Mike, he is a really cool guy and I feel bad for him as he is the one receiving phone calls from a serial killer.

Overall, this book is really good. It has a creepy factor and it has some elements of mystery which makes this book a favourite for me. So if you ever happen to come upon this book. Read it, because it is just that good.

The other two books in the series are Blue Murder and Blue Blood.

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