Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mini Review on Grandpa's Books

Keeping in theme with my New Zealand book Month thing, I wanted to talk about some picture books that I remember from when I was in primary school.

This series is all about Grandpa and it is by Joy Watson.

Grandpa's Slippers

All week long Grandma tries to dispose of Grandpa's tatty old slippers, but he refuses to part with them. By the weekend, however, Grandpa's old slippers have fallen apart and he has to try the new ones. To Grandpa's amazement, the new slippers are actually quite comfortable.

Grandpa's Cardigan

Grandma decides to throw away Grandpa's shabby old cardigan, but when he goes to buy a new one just the same, the only place that has one is the opportunity shop...

Grandpa's Shorts

When the family invite Grandma and Grandpa to the beach, Grandma doesn't want Grandpa to wear his old beach shorts, but he finds them and the kids think he looks pretty cool.

Grandpa's Shed

Grandpa decides it's time to clean out his shed. Grandma offers to help but he says he can do it.

Grandpa's Cat

The family cat is missing and while Grandma insists that it will turn up, Grandpa is determined to find his precious moggy even if it means turning the house upside down.

The whole Grandpa series is really really cool. I personally find them all to be really funny and the pictures are all really good.

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