Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cover to Cover

This version of cover to cover is a special edition that features a popular book around the world. Well I've seen it on a few people's blogs etc. and this book is Genesis by Bernard Beckett. So I have found a few different covers from all around the world.

The first two are New Zealand editions of the covers.

This next one is the US version.

These next two are both UK versions.

This one is from Germany.
And last but not least I have the Canadian version of the book.

And these are all the ones that I've found. They all look pretty good but I think that my favourite cover would have to be the New Zealand version with the orangutang on it. It just looks so cute.

Which ones your favourite?


  1. My favourite cover is the German cover.

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  3. the newer cover looks way better

  4. My favourite is the US version that shows the wall. I love it!

  5. I like the first one, from New Zealand. The fire just looks really cool and dramatic. I recognize the Canadian one.

  6. I loved the third one, from the US and the one from Germany! :)

  7. The first one with the match. :)


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