Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday: The Day I Talk About Non-Fiction

So I have been sitting here writing out this really long post about all these mini topics about books and I was all of a sudden like oh I have a better idea. Why not just do a whole Saturday thing. So thats what I am going to do.

Each week on Saturday I will be picking some sort of topic at random and I'll blog about it. I would love it if you gave me your opinions on stuff too. That would be pretty cool. Anyway, today I have to pick a topic to write about. There are so many that I really want to talk about. Hmmm how about non-fiction.

So lately I have been thinking about how I don't really read much non-fiction. I tend to have quite a good general knowledge about bits and pieces from reading fiction. But then I thought well you know, I would probably learn more by reading non-fiction as well.

Also, writing a non-fiction review could probably be a bit of a challenge too. I just think it's a good idea to expand my horizons and become a bit more in tune with the world.

The non-fiction book I'm reading at the moment is actually pretty cool. I've been learning quite a few interesting things. I keep relaying back the information to everyone around because it is quite an interesting book. But I will tell you more in my review.

Don't think that I'm going to go all crazy on you and just review non-fiction because I will probably only review one or two a month. This month I reviewed Fearless by Max Lucado. I don't know if I will review this one this month or leave it until next month at this point in time.

So what kind of non-fiction will I be reviewing?
That answer is simple, I have decided on quite a wide range so it could be anything really, even things I may not be so interested in. I can tell you at the moment I have lined up a book about fitness, one about tips for staying young, and two written by Ellen DeGeneres. I also have a few more lined up but hey, I like to keep you in suspense.

On the topic of Ellen, does anyone know of any books written by any comedians, I've been trying to look around for some but haven't struck any yet except for the two by Ellen.

Ummm, oh I quite like reading biographies and autobiographies. I've read one about Cleopatra. I also read one by Marilyn Manson and one by R.L Stine. ( A weird mixture I know) But they were all interesting in their own ways. I really should read some more. The trouble is finding ones that I will find interesting. My mum is a big biography/autobiography reader. But the ones she has don't seem like my kind of read. Well actually I did pinch her Ellen DeGeneres book. I just haven't read it yet.

I think thats all I had to say on the matter of non-fiction books.

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  1. I believe Steve Martin wrote an autobiography, if you're interested, that was published fairly recently.


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