Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review Policy

Review Policy

I review every book that I read. I will always be honest in my reviews about the books that I read. I read a number of different types of books. More information on my reviewing policy of each type is listed below.


I mostly review fiction. I will read and review children’s, young adults and adults fiction. I am not bothered by genre of any sort of fiction as I am very open to many genres. For my reviews of fiction I look at character development, story line, interest levels, how well written the book is, and things I liked about the book and things I didn’t like.


I will read and review non-fiction books. I try to read and review two non-fiction books per month. I read many different types of non-fiction. When reviewing non-fiction I look at the information contained in it and whether it is an interesting read.

Graphic Novels

On occasion I will review graphic novels. When reviewing a graphic novel I will base my reviews on the illustrations, the story line and the character development.

There are a number of sources where I get my books for review. These are:

The Library

I read and review a large number of library books. These are given priority over books I own as they have due dates.

My own Collection

I will review books from my own collection when I do not have any other reading material that has a due date etc.

Borrowed Books

Any books that I borrow from other people will be read and reviewed according to when the person wants them back.

E-Books and Audiobooks

I definitely do read and review e-books and audiobooks. It may take me a little while longer than usual to read and review e-books due to the fact that it is quite difficult to read from the computer screen for extended amounts of time.

Review Copies

I do accept books for review. I have accepted several e-book and a couple of book review requests. When I am presented with a book for review I seek to review it as soon as possible. If there is a specific date for the review to be posted I will try my hardest to ensure that I review the book that day.

If you wish to contact me about reviewing a book email me at Also be aware that I am from New Zealand

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