Friday, September 11, 2009

Jinx by Meg Cabot

Jinx by Meg Cabot
Published: Macmillan, 2007

Does Jinx have bad luck - or special powers?

Misfortune has followed Jean Honeychurch all her life - which is how she earned the nickname Jinx. And now her parents have shipped her off to New York City to stay with relatives - including her sophisticated cousin Tory - until the trouble she's caused back home dies down.

Could she even be . . . a WITCH?

Tory is far too cool to bother with Jinx - until Jinx's chronic bad luck wreaks havoc in Tory's perfect life--including causing Tory's crush, Zack, to start paying way too much attention to her red-headed cousin from Iowa. Only then does Jinx discover that beneath Tory's big-city glamour lies a world of hatred and revenge. Now it seems that the jinx that's driven Jean crazy may just be the only thing that can save her life . . .

I really liked reading Jinx. It was a short book so it didn't take me very long to get through but every chapter was enjoyable.

I quite liked most of the characters except for Tory and some of her friends. I did like Zack and Jinx though, they were both really cool, down-to-earth people.

Throughout most of the book I kept wondering what exactly Jinx was hiding from everyone but I had kept making guesses.

One memorable scene for me would be the dance scene. I knew Tory was up to something and so I was expecting some kind of Carrie scene so what actually happened surprised me a bit.

Overall, Jinx is a really fun, light and entertaining read. It is excellently written and I definitely recommend this book to everyone.


  1. I loved this book and thought it was super cute and fun. Great review!

  2. i love this book im still reading it but i just want there to be more. i think it would be wonderful if there were more stories about jean and zack but maybe at the end on the book or at the beging some pictures of the characters because you dont no what they look like.

  3. great review I wonder If she has any other of these books coming out.


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