Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bits and Pieces

So I have been thinking about how I can make a couple of things different with my blog. Seeing as how I don't have as much time as I have had lately I don't have as many reviews to post. So I was thinking of adding some new features to my blog. Here are some of the things you can expect to see:

Teaser Tuesday's. Which was started by Miz B of Should Be Reading. Basically I think this one is a really fun meme and I will be taking part in it on a regular basis.

Non-Fiction Fanclub. Which is probably going to be a monthly thing where I review a non-fiction book. It may appear twice a month but we'll see how many I get read.

Reading on Film. This one I have done before but I will be doing it on a much more regular basis. Which is where I do a kind of review feature where I talk about movies that are based on books.

Also the types of books that I'll be reviewing are young adult fiction, other fiction, the occasional graphic novel and occasionally the non-fiction stuff which I mentioned before.

I think thats all even though I thought I had some more ideas. Oh well if I think of more I'll update.

Also I made a goodreads account a while ago and now I'm finally doing some work on it. If anyone wants to check it out they can go here.

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