Thursday, August 20, 2009

Now You See Her by Jaquelyn Mitchard

Now You See Her by Jacquelyn Mitchard

Published: New York : HarperTempest, c2007

Fifteen-year-old Hope describes events leading her to agree to her boyfriend's plan to stage her abduction, and the consequences for their relationship, her family life, and her budding career as an actress.

I really liked reading Now You See Her. I sat down and read it in an entire day. It's not very big either so it wasn't impossible. Anyhow, I really thought that Now You See Her was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

It definitely was not what I had expected. There were a couple of plot twists and turns that really surprised me as I would never have guessed them.

The characters were all really good and I really liked Hope, I felt sorry for and how she got sucked into the life she did.

The story line itself was great, once again I say it was nothing like I had expected. It was fantastic.

I think thats about all I can really say about it. You just have to grab a copy and read it for yourself it was that brilliant.

Overall, I think I liked this because it was not what I had expected at all. I'd recommend this to everyone. It's that good of a book.

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