Monday, August 3, 2009

Making Changes

Making Changes

So lately I haven't really read much because I've been really busy with my course work and so I have made the decision that I won't be having theme weeks every week and I'll just be posting reviews when I can and also other bookish things.

Also, in the side bar is a poll, at the moment it's a what should I read next one and all the books in the poll are books that are in my reading pile waiting to be read and they have been sitting there waiting for ages and I have finally decided to read through them, so I will be trying to cut back on getting books from the library and working on reducing my pile.

Another thing is that I will be making a new poll each week and you can participate if you want, basically I'm doing polls now out of interest because it's always interesting to know what other people think about bits and pieces.

Basically I'll just be doing bits and pieces with my blog and seeing whats fun and interesting.

Also, I'll be changing how I do my reviews and I am getting rid of the rating system that I have because why rate books. I'll pretty much just make my reviews what I thought of the book and everything like that but I won't have any ratings. I figure that putting a rating on a book is kind of obsolete to me as it's just my rating and other people will have other ratings too.

Also, I'll be having a few guest posts from different people around the blogosphere which is always fun. Other bloggers always have great content.

I think those are the main changes I'll be making but you may see more over the next couple of weeks or so.


  1. I voted in the poll. "Looking for Alaska" was on my to-be-read pile for years and I was so sad once I read it that it sat there for so long. I'm now constantly recommending it to people.

  2. I love guest posts! It's always interesting to hear what other bloggers have to say.

    Looking for Alaska was one of the books I voted for as well. I haven't read it yet, and I'd like to see what you think of it.

  3. I like the idea of posting different polls! Voted for you to read Wake next, as I've heard good things about that book. Whatever book you decide on, will look forward to your review! Enjoy!


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