Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Noticer by Andy Andrews

The Noticer by Andy Andrews
Published: Thomas Nelson, 2009

Orange Beach, Alabama is a simple town filled with simple people. But they all have their share of problems – marriages teetering on the brink of divorce, young adults giving up on life, business people on the verge of bankruptcy, and many of the other obstacles that life seems to dish out to the masses.

Fortunately, when things look the darkest – a mysterious old man named Jones has a miraculous way of showing up. Communicating what he calls “a little perspective,” Jones explains that he has been given a gift of noticing things that others miss. In his simple interactions, Jones speaks to that part in everyone that is yearning to understand why things happen and what they can do about it.

I really enjoyed reading The Noticer. It was a very interesting book and it put things in perspective.

I liked all the characters and all the interesting way their lives were changed by the man named Jones. In a way The Noticer shows you just how things are not really what they seem.

This book also teaches that often little things can make big differences.

The story itself was a very entertaining and interesting story. The characters were all memorable especially Jones.

I really liked The Noticer and I would recommend this one to anyone looking for a short, heart-warming story.

My Rating: φφφφ

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