Friday, July 10, 2009

Meg Cabot Reading Challenge

Meg Cabot Reading Challenge

Scarlett of From The Heart has started a Meg Cabot Reading Challenge. I have decided to join in for fun as I have not read any Meg Cabot books before and I have been meaning to.

The Rules:

1. Choose a number of Meg Cabot books you wish to read for this challenge.

2. It's fine to read books written by her under the name of Jenny Carroll.

3. The challenge starts today, and anyone can join in at any time. The challenge ends the 5th of July 2010.

4. If you wish to join up just leave a comment
here with the link to your post about it.

5. Have fun.

Oh and one more thing. Scarlett has a lovely giveaway to anyone interested in entering into the challenge. For more details just visit her here.

Scarlett has decided to read 30 Meg Cabot books for her challenge and so I have decided to go for 40. Like the other reading challenges that I'm doing I'll be listing the books I've read below and linking my reviews to them.

1. Airhead by Meg Cabot

2. Avalon High Coronation Volume One : The Merlin Prophecy

3. Avalon High Coronation Volume Two : Homecoming

4. Jinx

5. Love you to Death

6. The Princess Diaries

7. All-American Girl


  1. Meg Cabot writes really great books! have fun!

  2. Thanks for joining up! Youre in the draw to win the prize pack and make sure you have lots of fun. 40 books could be quite a challenge.


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