Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Faerie Path Lamia's Revenge Volume 1: The Serpent Awakes by Frewin Jones

The Faerie Path Lamia's Revenge Volume 1 : The Serpent Awakes by Frewin Jones
Published: Los Angeles, CA : Tokyopop, c2009
Series: Book 1, The Faerie Path Lamia's Revenge

Tania was living an ordinary life in the Mortal World until her sixteenth birthday, when she discovered that she was the long-lost princess of the Royal House of Faerie, daughter of King Oberon and Queen Titania. As the only Faerie who possesses the ability to walk between the Immortal and Mortal Worlds, she's balancing her two lives as best she can: making time to hang out with both sets of parents, getting to know her new sisters, and spending any spare moments with her boyfriend, Edric, a member of the Faerie court. But now an evil force has come to the Immortal Realm, targeting those Tania holds most dear--and threatening the entire Faerie world.

I loved the first book in the Faerie Path series by Frewin Jones and so when I saw this in manga form I thought I may as well try it and see if I like it. I sure liked it.

The story line was a really interesting one. I thought it was a bit slow at first but it soon got into the story and became really interesting.

I loved the illustrations. Especially of the lamia. She was really well-drawn and cool looking. Some of the illustrations of Tania weren't really to my liking though, I thought that some of the expressions on Tania's face made her look mean or angry and it didn't match the mood of the story.

Apart from this I really enjoyed The Serpent Awakes and I will definitely be reading the second book when it comes out as the ending was quite a cliffhanger.

Overall, The Serpent Awakes was quite a good graphic novel. I would recommend this one to fans of fairies, Frewin Jones and manga-style books.

My Rating: φφφφ

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