Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Face of my Blog

The Face of my Blog

Occassionally I get comments about the cat that is the face of my blog. In other words the cat that appears in my blog header. Today, I am going to tell you all about this mysterious little cat.

So who is this adorable little cat? His name is Pan and he was born sometime in November of 2008. He is about eight months old and as you can see from the picture above loves books. Not a lot is known about his parents or if he has any brothers and sisters.

While Pan does indeed love books he doesn't love reading them. Pan instead, loves to sit on top of books. Sometimes he'll sit on books that are closed and sitting in a pile. Sometimes he'll sit on an open book that someone is trying to read. Basically, Pan loves any book that he can sit or sleep on.

Why the name Pan you ask?
I am a huge fan of Greek and Roman mythology, (well maybe mythology of any origin) and so my boyfriend and I decided to call our little girl kitten Pandora. We thought she suited the name perfectly. We also decided that if it turned out Pandora was a boy we would call him Pan for short.
It just so happens that I made the discovery that little Pandora was indeed a little boy. So we began calling him Pan.
Pan has many nicknames too. I sometimes call him Pandy-bear and P-bear. He also gets called Pandemonium and as a joke Duane Dibbley.

Pan is a very affectionate cat and if he is not sleeping on some books or his favourite woolly blanket, he may be cuddled up with someone. Sometimes he distracts me from my reading by sitting on me and purring loudly. Or he sits on my book. Pan also purrs very loudly. Sometimes thats not so bad because we know that he is a very happy kitty cat.

These days Pan is getting a little chubby around the middle. I think this is because he is a very good cat in that he is not fussy when it comes to food. Pan often ends up eating my leftovers from dinner. Some of his favourites are oven fries, pumpkin and any sort of meat. He enjoys the odd piece of cake too.
His only downfall in this area is that he believes he should be given all food that anyone is eating even if he doesn't like it.
And that, is the story about the little cat who appears on my blog.


  1. AWWWWWW I love cats! I have to get another one!
    Tifa, my cat, is very, um, bitchy. I want a playful cat, although I still love my bitch of a cat all the same!

  2. Pan is adorable! Any cat who loves books is a good reading companion. =) I'd like to adopt a kitten too someday.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it. Happy reading! =)

  3. Pan is too, too cute! Thank you for sharing his story! My cat isn't a big book lover, but she does love to curl up next to me as I'm reading. Books & cats just seem to go together! *L*


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