Sunday, July 5, 2009

End to Weight Issues Week

End to Weight Issues Week

These days weight issues seem to be everywhere you look. There are lots of books written about both anorexia and bulimia and being overweight. The books that I read this week addressed both of these issues. Some more books related to the topic of weight issues are:
Just while I'm here I thought that I'd mention, I'll be doing something a little different next week and that is, on Monday I will have a review and then after that I'll be putting up some bookish posts. I will be reviewing books as normal and continuing with theme weeks after this week.


  1. Well not only in the modeling world are people having those problems, but in every day life.

    Girls will starve themselves just to get into the right dress, or so that the "popular" boy will just look at them. I feel sorry people feel like that. And the majority is high school girls.

    Ugh I wish kids will let people just be happy, and stop teasing everybody for either their looks, sexual preference, or what-fucking-ever.

  2. Your theme week idea seems like a really good one, I think I might do some theme weeks when I get my blog up and running too.

    As for weight issues, yeah it is a really serious topic. I hate how people can be so cruel to others just because of their size.


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