Friday, July 24, 2009

Dead is a State of Mind by Marlene Perez

Dead is a State of Mind by Marlene Perez
Published: Graphia, 2009
Series: Book 2, Dead is series

When a gorgeous new student's prediction that a teacher will be murdered comes true, seventeen-year-old Daisy is determined to solve the crime, but when all signs point to the killer being a werewolf, she fears she is in over her head.

I really enjoyed Dead is the new Black and so I expected to enjoy Dead is a State of Mind. Which indeed I did.

The mystery element was still strong in this one and I did have a few suspicions about different people and different theories and such. I have to say though, by the end of it I pretty much had everything sussed out. It didn't ruin the fun of the book for me or anything.

The story line was really interesting. There were quite a few things that left openings for the next book in the series and so I definitely cannot wait to get my hands on the next one and read that.

Daisy is still my favourite character although sometimes she seemed to do a couple of annoying little things but I got over it.

Overall, I really enjoyed Dead is a State of Mind. It's got the whole supernatural element and then the mystery element. It's a perfect read for fans of the two genres. I will definitely be picking up the next book in the series, Dead is so Last Year, very soon.

My Rating: φφφφ

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