Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dead is the new Black by Marlene Perez

Dead is the new Black by Marlene Perez
Published: Harcourt Inc., 2008
Series: Book 1, Dead Is Series

While dealing with her first boyfriend and suddenly being pressed into service as a substitute cheerleader, sixteen-year-old Daisy Giordano, daughter and sister of psychics but herself a "normal" attempts to help her mother discover who is behind a series of bizarre attacks on teenage girls in their little town of Nightshade, California.

I really loved reading Dead is the new black. It was a really great mystery story.

Throughout the whole book I kept searching for clues wondering who was the culprit. I had a few suspicions and I wasn't too surprised at the end when the culprit was found but they weren't my top suspect.

The storyline was a really good one. The combination of supernatural elements and mystery were a great combination.

I liked all the characters too. I was suspicious of most of them at some point or other. I really loved Daisy though. She was a great character.

Overall, Dead is the new black is a great mystery story that will have you reading it until you finish it. I'd recommend this one to fans of the supernatural as well as fans of mystery stories.

My Rating: φφφφφ


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  2. can someone tell me what happened in the end?


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