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Reforming the Potter's Clay by Donald James Parker

Reforming The Potter's Clay by Donald James Parker
Published: Sword of the Spirit Publishing, 2008

The Morales family is divided with two positive votes for Harry Potter and one against. Only the father's negative ballot is accepted in the election, and HP books are placed on the forbidden reading list. Barbara,a bombshell who has bewitched Mr. Morales, urges him to get a life.The kids complain he is not practicing what he preaches in regard to discovering truth for oneself, so he consents to study the first book with them to search for concrete evidence that Harry is a bad influence. In the meantime, the kids' world gets turned upside down when a new family moves to town and starts a gang, pulling the Morales kids in. This is no ordinary group of troublemakers, though they do encounter trouble at every turn. Adam, the son of Assembly of God pastor, is the leader of the God Squad, who use Holy Spirit power to get them into and out of adventures in a classic duel between magick and miracles.

I found Reforming the Potter's Clay to be a very interesting read. For the most part I found it to be very different to any book I have ever read before. There were a few parts that were similar to another book, called Love Waits, by Donald James Parker but Reforming the Potter's Clay is definitely a very unique reading experience.
The characters were all very unique and interesting. I found Pedro to be quite a good character, he had his flaws and he had the things he was good at. I wasn't entirely fond of the characters Adam or Matthew however. Although I did admire Adam's courage at one point in the book.
The story line of Reforming the Potter's Clay was very different to what I had expected. There were some parts that I found to be very surprising. Others I felt a little bit of dislike towards because I just felt them to be against what I personally believe but this didn't stop me from enjoying the book because it is always good to be able to see viewpoints of other people.
The whole story I had a feeling that something wasn't quite right, this feeling was confirmed at the end of the book. However, I was quite taken by surprise at the events of the ending.
Overall, I felt that Reforming the Potter's Clay was a decent read that leaves quite a lot to think about and also provides topics for discussion. I know I found myself discussing points of the book with other people. I'd recommend this to anyone who is a fan of christian fiction and also anyone looking for a very deep, touching and thought-provoking novel.
The good news is that you can read this book in ebook form here. You can also read other books by Donald James Parker here.
My Rating: φφφ


  1. HP! haha. I don't know if I'd read this book, since I usually don't like books of religion, but this one sounds interesting. Nice review.

    - Alex

  2. I want to read this book. It sounds like a good read and I love the HP reference :)

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for the review!!! You might point out that everyone can download this and all my ebooks for free at
    God bless


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