Monday, June 8, 2009

Quotable Quotations (8)

Quotable Quotations (8)

This week I wanted to make a little theme for the books that I read and the posts I make this week and then from there I will see what happens and maybe do the same for each week. So, this week I have chosen the theme of vampires. I will dedicate this week to the theme of vampires, there will be reviews of vampire books, possibly even a giveaway. I have also picked out a quote from a vampire book. So without further ado:

"The faces of my victims haunted me, reminding me of my fate... For nights and nights I played, furious. Never again I would participate in the simple joys of life. I was meant for more than this." ~ Anne Rice, Queen of the Damned


  1. Ooh, that's a great quote. I've never read it, but always have heard great things about it.


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