Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hellbent by Anthony McGowan

Hellbent by Anthony McGowan

Published: London : Doubleday, 2005

Sent to Hell for typical teenage misdemeanours, Conor is surprised to find that it's not all pitchforks and leaping flames. But an eternity in a fusty cave full of philosophy books and obscure classical music is actually worse.
Then Conor realizes that his personal version of Hell might be someone else's idea of Heaven – and vice versa. He sets out on a filthy, funny and forbidden journey to search for his opposite number, accompanied by his repulsive pet dog, a depressed cross-dressing Viking and a stumpy devil called Clarence. What he sees is disgusting and what he discovers is shocking, but oddly enough Conor learns a hell of a lot about life – now that he's dead!

Hellbent is a really funny book and I really enjoyed reading it. As well as humour and the whole adventuring through heaven aspect there is some philosophy lessons taking place throughout the book. I think that anyone who is interested in philosophy would like this book as it mentions several philosophical theories. On a lighter note there is a lot of humour so that someone who isn't a fan of philosophy can also enjoy the book. There were several occasions when I burst out laughing at parts in the story.

There was also a lot of gory descriptions so if you don't like that kind of thing then Hellbent probably isn't for you.
Hellbent had me dreaming about my own hell and what it was like and made me think about what there is in the afterlife.
Overall, I thought Hellbent was quite a good and interesting read with quite a lot of funny parts. I'd recommend this one to anyone who wants to give it a go and is looking for something out of the ordinary to read.

My Rating: φφφφ


  1. Awesome review, Rebecca! Anthony McGowan actually taught me in my Writing for Children class - he's pretty funny, himself! :) I've been meaning to get a copy of this book for a while! Glad you liked it!

  2. You're sexy, fuck meeeee!


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