Friday, June 19, 2009

Cathy's Ring by Sean Stewart

Cathy's Ring by Sean Stewart

Published: London: Bloomsbury, 2009

Series: Book 2, Cathy's Books

Cathy is in St. Louis, Missouri. It's been six months since she'd discovered her boyfriend was immortal. She searches for answers to her father's death and finds a website on the internet. This an immortal fortune teller whom claims she can help Cathy find out if her father really died of heart attacked. The fortune teller's name is Auntie Joe. When Cathy met her Auntie Joe said that her father did not die of a heart attack. He was murdered. Then Auntie Joe said that if Tsao (her boyfriend, Victor's father and an immortal) could not marry her, he will kill her. After Auntie Joe told her about some things Cathy wanted to know, Cathy took a Greyhound Bus to San Francisco, her home. But, little did she know that it was the beginning of another crazy adventure through the immortal world.

I really liked Cathy’s Ring, although there were some parts that I found to be a bit weird. I soon got over that.

I really enjoyed the story line. It is a very unique one and it’s quite interesting. There were a couple of surprises in this book which I really liked.

This is yet another interactive book but I felt that it wasn’t as interactive as the previous two books which isn’t so bad because you can enjoy the book just fine without the interactive stuff.The characters were all pretty cool. I really like Cathy because she is such a strange person, she just acts so oddly at times. One person I didn’t really like much was Jewel.

Overall, I quite liked reading Cathy’s Ring. It was entertaining and funny. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes mystery, and I would suggest reading the other two books in the series first.

My Rating: φφφφ


  1. I kinda like the cover...
    Nice review ^^

  2. I agree that it's probably best to read the others first. I think I would have gotten lost otherwise. But I definitely thought it was funny.

    I've linked to your review here.


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