Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cathy's Key by Sean Stewart

Cathy's Key by Sean Stewart
Published: London : Bloomsbury, 2008
Series: Book 2, Cathy's Books

When the laboratory technicians working for Ancestor Lu discover the key to the immortality genetic structure, Victor names it the "Cathy Key" in honour of his quest to make Cathy immortal. Ancestor Lu humours him. But when events go fatally wrong and a Fortune Teller's grim prophecy comes true, soon a homicide investigation is underway and Cathy, once again, is a little too close for comfort Cathy's Key is a brilliantly involved thriller, a love story and an entirely interactive experience with further developments to the websites and phone numbers and online activity which make this package so unique and special.

Cathy's Key was quite a good book.  While I felt it wasn't as interactive as it's predecessor Cathy's Book, but nonetheless it still contained an interactive element.  Cathy's Key wasn't exactly what I had expected it to be but it was still pretty good.  I felt that there was less mystery to it and more about Cathy's life.
I really like the character Cathy she is very different and a very refreshing person to read about. I felt sorry for her at some points but I have to admit Cathy is anything but ordinary.  I didn't so much like any of the other characters as they seemed kind of mean and a bit selfish even though I think Cathy is a little selfish too but she had her reasons for it.
I felt sad at a few parts of the book, I felt sorry for Cathy about certain events.  Overall, I felt that things just weren't fair for her.
Overall, the Cathy's Key was an entertaining read.  It was very mysterious and very unique.  I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a good mystery or interactive book, or for anyone looking for a refreshing, entertaining character.
My Rating: φφφφ

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  1. Great teview. This sounds like a really interesting series.


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