Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why Do I Blog About Books?

Why Do I Blog About Books?

Ok, I know I seem to have been posting a lot of posts today.  Well, I seem to have written a huge big spiel about books I would absolutely love to read a couple of hours ago.  I guess I just can't help myself.  I love books so much.  I mean seriously, I get so excited every time I step into a library or bookstore.  I always, always, always go a bit crazy in both places.
I remember my first visit to Borders, as soon I stepped into those doors I swear I had died and gone to heaven.  There were books everywhere!!!!  I had a look at most of the sections, but I have to say it was the young adult section that had my eyes lighting up.  Of course I ended up walking out of Borders that day with over $100 worth of books upon my person, and I was just over the moon.
Every time I go to the library I go a bit crazy too, I'm always thinking 'right, I'll just get one or two books and that'll be it', of course, this doesn't always work as 10-13 books later I walk out of the library feeling very excited.  I tried to exert some self-control by leaving my library card at home so I would be "just returning books" that way my ever-growing tbr pile could get a little lighter.  Of course, it didn't really work because I could always borrow my dad's library card or my sister's library card.  Even then I knew my barcode number off by heart so I just had to tell the librarians that so I could get books out.
Anyway, I'm kind of going a bit crazy with my chatter about books and I feel like I could go on forever about books and everything to do with books.
So, why did I decide to create a blog where I could blog about life, the universe and everything to do with books????
Well, simply because I really love books and reading.  Also, so many of my friends are always asking me, "hey what did you think of this book?" or "could you recommend some good books for me to read?" and so I decided, well why not blog about all the books I read, that way I can tell everyone that wants to know, just what I think of the books I read.  I hope that I can encourage people to read books, or maybe help them decide whether or not to read a book that they were indecisive about.  Either way, I'm just glad that there is a way that I can share my thoughts and absolute obsession with books with other people who are genuinely interested.
And that is all I have to say for today.


  1. I heard mixed reviews about Blue Bloods so of course that only makes me want to read it that much more. I'm hoping it's good. The covers certainly are gorgeous!

  2. I have to say my love of books is what got me to blog! Keep up the good work. Happy Reading.

  3. I have the same symptoms as you. I say I'll stop at a few books, but I just can't. It's impossible. It's like their calling to me to be read. I think it's an addiction :)


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