Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vampire Brat by Angie Sage

Vampire Brat by Angie Sage
Published: London : Bloomsbury, 2007
Series: Book 4, Araminta Spook

Araminta thinks something horrible might be hiding in the passages of Spook House. She suspects it might be a werewolf. To make matters worse, Uncle Drac's creepy nephew has arrived and is now Wanda's new best friend. Araminta finds him very annoying. She has to come up with a cunning plan to reveal that there is more to Max than meets the eye.
Vampire Brat is a neat little story. It's a very short read and wouldn't take very long to read at all.
The storyline is a really good one. It's quite simple and everything ties up nicely at the end.
I am a huge fan of the character Araminta, she's so oblivious to the fact that she's really rude to some people and she has the wildest imagination ever. All this adds up to some pretty good times.
Overall, Vampire Brat is a good, light read. It's suited for younger readers but older readers can read it and enjoy it too. As I do. I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants to read it really. It's quite different and a change of pace compared to young adult novels.
My Rating: φφφφ


  1. well it sounds pritty good so im going to read that book


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