Sunday, April 26, 2009

In My Mailbox (4)

In My Mailbox (4)

So, this week I had a huge week in the way of books.  I got books from the library and from Borders.

So from the library:
Chibi Vampire Volume 6 by Yuna Kagesaki
Clueless Kenta is finally getting closer to figuring out that Karin has a secret crush on him.  But everything explodes—literally!—when Kenta's grandmother hires a detective to track Kenta down and bring him back to their hometown.  A case of mistaken identity turns magic when Karin's family bans her from seeing the very person she can't live without!  Will Karin finally be forced to confess her love?
The review for this is here.

Evernight by Claudia Gray
Sixteen-year-old Bianca, a new girl at the sinister Evernight boarding school, finds herself drawn to another outsider, Jared, but dark forces threaten to tear them apart and destroy Bianca's entire world.

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
After fifteen-year-old Chloe starts seeing ghosts and is sent to Lyle House, a mysterious group home for mentally disturbed teenagers, she soon discovers that neither Lyle House nor its inhabitants are exactly what they seem, and that she and her new friends are in danger.

Chibi Vampire Volume 7 by Yuna Kagesaki
Her feelings laid bare, Karin must decide what to do after being rejected by Kenta.  But lest you think we're headed for tragedy, know that there's hope for these two wayward lovers yet!  For love is nothing if not rocky and often irrational, and one day's heartbreak could feed right into another day's bliss.  For Karin and Kenta, it's always been love at first bite, and it just may be the bite of a certain little vampire that saves the day!
The review for this is here.

Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith
Werewolves, vampires, and human hybrids all work up an appetite in this delicious debut novel of dark fantasy, young love, and culinary secrets.

Cairo Jim and Jocelyn Osgood in Bedlam From Bollywood by Geoffrey McSkimming
From a Bollywood film set in India, Jocelyn Osgood finds herself flung into a subcontinent of intrigue, danger and curries, the likes of which she has never known.  But this is only the beginning compared to what awaits her good friend, that well-known archaeologist and little-known poet, Cairo Jim, and his companions Doris the macaw and Brenda the Wonder Camel.

And from Borders:
Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
Eldest of three sisters in a land where it is considered to be a misfortune, Sophie is resigned to her fate as a hat shop apprentice until a witch turns her into an old woman and she finds herself in the castle of the greatly feared wizard Howl.

The Silmarillion by J.R.R Tolkien
Tales and legends chronicling the world's beginnings and the happenings of the First Age set the stage for Tolkien's other classic works and focus on the theft of the Elves' jewels byMorgoth, first dark Lord of Middle-Earth.

Terrier by Tamora Pierce
When sixteen-year-old Beka becomes "Puppy" to a pair of "Dogs," as the Provost's Guards are called, she uses her police training, natural abilities, and a touch of magic to help them solve the case of a murdered baby in Tortall's Lower City.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
Lissa Dragomir is a Moroi princess: a mortal vampire with an unbreakable bond to the earth's magic.  She must be protected at all times from Strigoi; the fiercest and most dangerous vampires—the ones who never die.
The powerful blend of human and vampire blood that flows through Rose Hathaway, Lissa's best friend, makes her a Dhampir.  Rose is dedicated to a dangerous life of protecting Lissa from the Strigoi, who are hell-bent on making her one of them.
After two years of illicit freedom, Rose and Lissa are caught and dragged back to St. Vladimir's Academy, hidden deep in the forests of Montana.  Rose will continue her Dhampir education.  Lissa will go back to being Queen of the elite Moroi social scene.  And both girls will resume breaking Academy hearts.
Fear made Lissa and Rose run away from St. Vladimir's—inside the Academy's iron gates, their world is even more fraught with danger.  Here, the cutthroat ranks of the Moroi perform unspeakable rituals, and their secretive nature and love of the night creates and enigmatic world full of social complexities.  Rose and Lissa must navigate through this dangerous world, confront the temptation of forbidden romance, and never once let their guard down, lest the Steigoi make Lissa one of them forever...

Frostbite by Richelle Mead
Rose Hathaway's got serious guy trouble.  Her gorgeous tutor Dimitri has his eye on someone else, her friend Mason has a huge crush on her, and she keeps getting stuck in her best friend Lissa's head while she's making out with her boyfriend, Christian.
Then a massive Strigoi attack puts St. Vladimir's on high alert, and the Academy crawls with Guardians—including the legendary Janine Hathaway... Rose's formidable, long-absent mother.  The Strigoi are closing in, and the Academy's not taking any risks.  This year, St. Vlad's holiday ski trip is mandatory.
But the glittering winter landscape and the posh Idaho resort only provide the illusion of safety.  When three students run away to strike back at the deadly Strigoi, Rose must join forces with Christian to rescue them.  Only this time, Rose—and her heart—are in more danger than she ever could have imagined...

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead
Rose Hathaway knows it is forbidden to love another guardian.  Her best friend, Lissa—the last Dragomir princess—must always come first.  Unfortunately, when it comes to gorgeous Dimitri Belikov, some rules are meant to be broken...
But since making her first Strigoi kills, Rose hasn't been feeling right.  Something dark has begun to grow in her mind, and ghostly shadows warn of a terrible evil drawing nearer to the Academy's iron gates.  And now that Lissa and Rose's sworn enemy, Victor Dashkov, is on trial for his freedom, tensions in the Moroi world are higher than ever.
Lying to Lissa about Dimitri is one thing, but suddenly there's way more than friendship at stake.  The immortal undead are on the prowl, and they want vengeance for the lives that Rose has stolen.  In a heart-stopping battle to rival her worst nightmares, Rose will have to choose between life, love, and the two people who matter most... but will her choice mean that only one can survive?

And that was my week in books.  I hope everyone else had a great week.


  1. From your list, these are the books that are in my top ten:

    Vampire Academy Series - They are ALL amazing! I hope you love them as much as I do! They are my favorite books ever!

    Evernight - Great series also! The second is out now! It's full of unexpected twists and turns!

    The Summoning - Sequel out on Tuesday! Great book also!

    You got some GOOD ones!

  2. you got some great books. loooved evernight hope you like it too!

  3. Ohhh you had an awesome book week. OMG!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Vampire Academy series and the last book was friggin' awesome. The Summoning is also a great book and it is perfect timing for The Awakening that is due out on tuesday. Evernight also a great choice.

    Many many hours of happy reading :)

  4. Great books. "The Summoning" is a book that keeps popping up so I can't wait to see what you thought of it.

  5. I'm hoping to get something by Richelle Mead soon. Happy reading.

  6. Hey, a pile of gorgeous vampire novels!! I enjoyed them a loooot! So, which book to begin with reading? :D

  7. You've had a great week! Have fun reading the VA series, it's my favourite Richelle Mead series.

  8. WOW!! You bought some great books this week too!! Lots of good vampire books! And I bought Terrier too! I've neve read Tamora Pierce...! Happy reading!

  9. The Vampire Academy is one of my favorite series and I can't wait for Blood Promise to come out! The Summoning is Great and I love the evernight series. Happy Reading!

  10. You got some great Vampire and supernatural books!

  11. I hope you enjoy Evernight - it's so cool!

  12. Great books. i love terrier.

  13. im trying to get into manga... maybe i should try chibi vampire... i'm reading After School Nightmare right now.

  14. Woohoo Vampire Academy is awesome!! Hope you enjoy it!!

    Wdebo :)


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