Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The First Post

As this is the first post on my blog I have decided to do a little introductory blog, basically just talking about what this blog is about and several of the features that will be appearing on my blog.
So first and foremost, this blog is about books.  One thing I will be doing is reviewing and discussing the books that I read.  Basically the books that I read and review are mostly young adult fiction but on occasion there will be the odd adults or children's fiction thrown in.
As for genre's I pretty much read anything from fantasy to science fiction, horror to romance and so on and so forth.
Each week I will start the week off by talking about the books I got for the previous week, whether they be from the library or elsewhere.
As well as talking about books that I have read I will also talk about movies that I have seen that are based on books I have read.

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